Medical non-woven fabrics have high barrier properties and good air permeability, which will be good for medical workers and patients.

Technology for medical applications

Producing material for applications that safely protect medical staff and patients.

Overview of the main applications:

  • Face masks
  • Personnel protective clothing
  • OP requirements
  • Infusion bags
  • Dialysis bags
  • Wound dressings

SSMMS non-woven fabric can be used to make surgical drapes, surgical gowns, clean clothes and other medical products. It is suitable for steam or EtO (ethylene oxide) low-temperature plasma sterilization, and is compatible with product labels and sterilization indicator labels.

Anti-static treatment

Mainly used in industrial, medical and protective products.

Water absorption treatment

It is mainly used for absorbent surface layer of medical consumables, such as surgical hole slips; it can also be used for disposable wet wipes.

Three anti-static + antistatic finishing

We can finish the fabric with three resistances and antistatic. The finished non-woven fabric has the functions of anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil, and anti-static. The treated non-woven fabric can be applied to surgical gowns and surgical drapes.

hot air through treatment

The fiber web composed of thermoplastic synthetic fibers can be strengthened by thermal bonding to improve certain properties of nonwoven fabrics. For example, a thermally bonded nonwoven fabric made of cotton/polyester with a 30/70 mixture ratio can significantly improve moisture absorption, Hand feel and softness, very suitable for medical and sanitary products.

Sterilization wrapping cloth is suitable for wrapping medical products that need to be sterilized, such as medical kits, fabrics, etc. Bidford’s sterilization wraps are suitable for steam or EtO (Ethylene Oxide) and low-temperature plasma sterilization and are compatible with product labels and sterilization indicator labels. The correct use of the wrapping cloth can keep the medical supplies clean and sterile before use.

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