Nonwoven Fabric Joining Machine

Fabric Joining Machine in the context of the nonwoven machine is used to join or bond nonwoven fabric layers together. Fabric joining machines typically utilize methods such as thermal bonding, ultrasonic welding, or adhesive bonding to securely unite the layers of nonwoven fabric.

Fabric Joining Machine AZX Fabric Joining Machine

Nonwoven Fabric Joining Machine

The fabric splicing machine completes the work in a fully automated situation, before starting the sewing operation, just use the cylinder pressure rod to fix the selvage and align the textile, then the machine starts sewing work until the work is completed, the machine returns automatically.
The operation is simple, the fabric splicing efficiency is high, and the fabric splicing straightness is high; during the production process, the joints between the base fabric and the leather are not wrinkled. Save costs and increase yield.

Capable of producing a flat end-to-end suture interface, the axial tangent device can be used with fabric materials that overlap or have gaps outside the port-to-port joint. During the assembly line processing of fabric materials, the fabric splicing machine can help reduce material waste, prevent shrinkage and wrinkling, and meet the requirements of flat, straight, neat, and firm fabric splicing in the textile industry, especially for printing, textile, coating In leather and other industries, this machine stitches smoothly, which solves the traditional problem of low product yield due to uneven seams, which causes huge waste.


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anti-ultraviolet treatment

It is mainly used for sun protection and anti-aging of agricultural covering cloth, garden cover, and other fabrics.

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horticulture industry

It is used in the gardening industry to prevent insects, birds and birds, pollution, cold and heat preservation, frost, and sun exposure.

agriculture fabric for vegetable

agricultural planting

It is suitable for agricultural coverage and can achieve the heat preservation of seedlings, greenhouses, garden trees, insect prevention, and bird and bird poisoning.

highway slope protection nonwoven fabric

highway slope protection

It is used for highway slope protection and involves water and soil conservation, soilless cultivation, artificial vegetation, and lawn protection.



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