More detailed details of non-woven machineries and equipments can be seen here.

3200mm SSMMS composite nonwoven machine

3200mm SS Spunbond Nonwoven Machine

1.6m Nonwoven Fabric Joining Machine

Nonwoven Dipping Machine​

PE Film Baler Machine

3.8m Half Cross Spunlace Nonwoven Machine

1600mm SMS composite nonwoven fabric machine

SSMMS composite nonwoven fabric machine

1.6m Meltblown Spinneret Installation

SMS Nonwoven Hydrostatic Pressure Testing​

2400mm SMS Composite Nonwoven Fabric Machine

2400mm SMS composite nonwoven fabric machine


Videos sms non woven fabric making machine azx 1


Here at AZX, we believe that every decision-maker should have all the information before the non woven machine is put into production. This is why we offer FREE machinery information consultation where you get an upfront estimate with all costs included. Sometimes, you just want to learn more about different types of non woven fabric making machine. We’ve got you covered with a free non woven machine catalog.

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