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SMS Nonwoven Hydrostatic Pressure Testing​

Cut a representative sample of the SMS nonwoven fabric. The sample should be of a specific size, as per relevant standards or the testing equipment’s specifications. Typically, a circular sample with a defined diameter is used.

Secure the fabric sample in a way that ensures it is flat and without wrinkles. It should be clamped or mounted in a manner that simulates its use in the final product, maintaining the sample’s integrity.

The hydrostatic head tester is used to apply pressure in the form of a column of water on the fabric. The pressure is increased gradually. The rate of pressure increase and the maximum pressure applied should conform to industry standards or specific product requirements.

As the pressure is applied, the test operator observes the fabric sample for any signs of liquid penetration. Penetration is indicated by visible wet spots or a noticeable change in color on the underside of the fabric. The point at which this penetration occurs is recorded.

The hydrostatic pressure at which penetration occurs is the key parameter collected during the test. It represents the fabric’s resistance to liquid penetration and is typically expressed in millimeters of water (mm H2O).

The test result, expressed in mm H2O, provides a measure of the SMS nonwoven fabric’s ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure before allowing liquid penetration. The higher the hydrostatic pressure value, the better the fabric’s liquid barrier performance.

This testing is vital for quality control in the manufacturing of SMS nonwoven fabrics and ensuring that they meet the required standards for various applications. It helps guarantee the fabric’s suitability for use in medical, protective, or other industries where liquid barrier properties are essential.

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