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We focus on manufacturing, reliable performance, stable operation of non-woven production lines, and have more than 10 years of R&D, production and sales experience.

meltblown non woven fabric making machine

AZX has been focusing on the special absorption performance or high elasticity of nonwovens.

Even with low basis weights and at high production speeds, the non-woven equipment provided by AZX can still produce high-quality spunbond fabrics stably.

AZX offers a combination of spunbond and meltblown technologies with up to five spin positions, you can produce especially light nonwovens.




2009, Mr. Jack Li built AZX GROUP in Wanchai HK and started to sell nonwoven materials & related products. After experienced 2003 SARS, Jack li found that spun bond and melt blown nonwoven are widely used in medical, safeguard field, etc. AZX GROUP is always focused on the medical, hygiene nonwoven market, this is oriented toward producing superior high quality of spun bond and melt blown nonwoven machines.

AZX Non-woven Machine in South America azxceo 1

2010, Engineer Yang Zhi and his team first time finished the testing and production of the SMS “ recoil type” machine. Until the end of 2009, China only had 7 production lines of SMS, Engineer Yang Zhi, and his team succeed in AZX GROUP spun bond and melt blown nonwoven machines quality foundations

AZX Non-woven Machine in South America smsnonwovenfabricmachine

2012, keep insisting pursue quality, Mr. Jack Li, Engineer Yang Zhi start to cooperate with China Textile Machinery Association spun bond and melt blown nonwoven Senior Consultant Situ Yuanshun. Since then, they have officially launched the development of the South American market. They have the same objectives which are to offer high efficiency, stability, and reliability quality spun bond and melt blown nonwoven machines to global clients.

AZX Non-woven Machine in South America non woven industry professor meeting

2019, while battling with pandemics, Mr.Kangzhen Chen who was PGI Nonwovens ( China ) Co., Ltd Asia technical guidance director join in AZX GROUP and bring creative settlements in the field of Medical and Hygiene, gained a good reputation among clients.

AZX Non-woven Machine in South America meltblown machine visiting

Due to our expertise in non-woven machinery and many years of experience in serving the South American market, many large South American non-woven fabric manufacturers have reached cooperation with us, and we have become the preferred equipment supplier for South American non-woven fabric manufacturers.

AZX Non-woven Machine in South America azx nonwoven machine in south america




AZX Non-woven Machine in South America smsmachines


AZX has more than ten years of R&D, production and sales experience.


Over 300 AZX nonwoven lines have been already installed worldwide.

10,000 ㎡ WORKSHOP

AZX has a 10,000 square meter workshop. 


AZX controls of over 20 core technologies and technical patents of nonwoven lines.


AZX nonwoven lines have already been provided to over 30 countries and regions.


AZX remote assistance system can help you find and deal with problems in time.


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AZX Non-woven Machine in South America ssmmsmachine


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