The descriptions of videos about Meltblown, Spunbond and Spun-melt Non-Woven Fabric Machine

SSMMS composite nonwoven machine

SSMMS Nonwoven Machine can not only produce products covering spunbond fabrics, meltblown fabrics, SMS nonwoven fabrics, etc. The unique combination of multi-layer spunbond and meltblown structure, high barrier properties and breathability provide excellent materials for medical protection.

SSMMS composite nonwoven fabric machine

The characteristic of SSMMS composite non woven fabric machine:

Offers excellent breathability and protection.

Eco friendly and environmentally friendly.

Excellent strength, filtration performance and resistance function.

Has excellent barrier properties and good breathability.

SSMMS fabric applications are widely used in technical textiles, especially in the medical and hygiene industries.

3200mm SSMMS composite nonwoven machine

SSMMS non-woven fabrics have the characteristics of water repellency, blood resistance and alcohol repellency, they are widely used in the medical field. Various medical applications such as protective clothing, coveralls, surgical covers, shoe covers, shoe covers, coveralls, etc. are made from this fabric. SSMMS fabrics are also used in the manufacture of various baby products such as diapers, baby pants, back panels, diaper edges, etc. Since this fabric is extremely durable and comfortable, this fabric is used in the manufacture of hygiene applications including feminine hygiene products, incontinence pads, and more.

3200mm SS Spunbond Nonwoven Machine

SS Spunbond Machine provides high-quality and high-performance solutions for growing nonwoven manufacturers in diaper materials, mask cloth materials, hygiene materials and other production industries. The spunbond non woven fabric produced by our spunbond machine can provide customers with more reliable guarantees through the technical indicators of the products required by the customers.

1600mm SMS composite nonwoven fabric machine

SMS composite non woven fabric machine application:

10~25gsm-Sanitary Ware Market-Sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers, edge leakage holders, etc.

25~50gsm-medical use-surgical gowns, surgical wraps, surgical drapes, sterile bandages, wound plasters, plaster plasters, etc.

25-50gsm-industrial use-workwear, protective clothing, etc.

17-100gsm – agricultural and gardening mulch etc.

50-120gsm-high efficiency filter material for gas and liquid-industrial wastewater degreasing, etc.

50-120gsm-home textiles-wardrobe, storage box, bed sheet, tablecloth, sofa upholstery, handbag lining, mattress, floor, shoe cover, etc.

50-120gsm-high-efficiency oil-absorbing material-marine oil pollution cleaning and industrial rags, etc.

2400mm SMS composite nonwoven fabric machine

AZX has been producing and supplying high-quality water-repellent or hydrophilic, perforated, super-soft, elastic SMS non-woven fabrics for the sanitary material industry, which are fully used in the production of sanitary napkins and diapers. This is a huge market for SMS Nonwoven Machine and includes surgical face masks, gas, and liquid filtration. In addition to this, SMS has a wide range of uses including insulation, medical healthcare, and sanitary products.

2400mm SMS Composite Nonwoven Machine

The three-layer nonwoven fabric produced by SMS Nonwoven Machine, The SMS is symmetry, water repellency, bacterial resistance and durability. The nonwoven fabrics produced by SMS nonwoven machine are suitable for producing medical and sanitary products.

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