Working Principle Of Spunbond Nonwoven Machine

Working Principle Of Spunbond Nonwoven Machine melt blown non woven fabric machine

Spunbond technology has a long history, so what is the working principle of the spunbond nonwoven machine? Let me introduce the working principle of the spunbond nonwoven fabric machine in detail below.

1. Slicing and baking

The polymer chips obtained by pelletizing on the conveyor belt usually contain a certain amount of moisture, which must be dried and removed before spinning. For non-aqueous polymer chips, such as polypropylene, it is not necessary to dry.

2. Spinning

The spinning equipment and process used in spunbond are basically the same as those of chemical fiber spinning. The main equipment and accessories are screw extruder and spinneret.

3. Stretch

The newly formed melt-spun fiber (nascent fiber) has low strength, large elongation, and an extremely unstable structure. Therefore, it does not have the properties required for textile processing and must be stretched.

4. Separate wire

The so-called splitting refers to the separation of the stretched tow into monofilaments to prevent the fibers from adhering to each other when forming a web

5. Laying the net

The drawn and divided filaments must be evenly laid on the netting curtain. The key to netting is to control the movement of the filament, and its control methods mainly include airflow control and mechanical control.

6. Suck the net

Through the suction net, the downward blowing airflow can be taken away, and the bounce of the tow can be controlled. For this reason, a 20cm-thick vertical diversion air-distributing orifice plate is arranged under the netting curtain to prevent the reverse airflow from blowing over the fiber mesh. A pair of windshield rolls are provided at the suction boundary in the forward direction of the web. The upper roll has a larger diameter and is relatively smooth, and a cleaning knife is set to prevent rolls. The lower roll has a smaller diameter. Rubber rolls are usually used to clamp the web. And into a net curtain. The auxiliary suction duct directly sucks in the air pressure net to control the fiber net to attach to the net curtain.

7. Reinforce

Reinforcement is the last process. Through reinforcement, the fiber web has a certain strength, elongation, and other properties to meet the requirements of the product.

Only if you are familiar with the working principle of the spunbond non-woven machine can you produce a good non-woven fabric. If you want to know more about the spunbond non-woven machine, you can contact us to get more detailed solutions.

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Working Principle Of Spunbond Nonwoven Machine

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