Domestic Situation Nonwoven Equipment

According to the China Textile Machinery Association, the latest statistics, China manufactures textile machinery products with more than 1,800 varieties of products covering the entire textile industry.

In recent years, in the textile industry, the technological transformation of enterprises generally production ensure the production of sophisticated textile machinery products to create the conditions.

Ensure the production of sophisticated textile machinery products to create the conditions. Nonwoven production devices showing a rapid increase in single-line capacity, a significant decline in investment, the device unit comprehensive energy consumption significantly reduced processing costs significantly lower than the domestic non-woven devices significantly improve the ability to develop applications.

At present, the textile finishing machinery and processing equipment industry advanced technology, industry development potential. Domestic non-woven machinery technical equipment to make the investment cost of the new project is greatly reduced, greatly improved production efficiency, effectively promoting the rapid development of the textile industry.

With textile companies began to speed up technological innovation, improve product quality to work on, and through the large-scale import of equipment, enhance their market competitiveness has been increasingly present.

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Domestic Situation Nonwoven Equipment nonwovenindustry
Domestic Situation Nonwoven Equipment

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